Product Features

How many products can be dispensed?

  • From 1 to 4.

Are you only able to pour full glasses?

  • No, you can pour full glasses, top up glasses, etc. It's the customer's choice. The system is designed to work the same way as the normal draught beer system behind the bar.

Payment/Customer Issues

How do you pay?

  • Payment is made before a sitting either by cash or credit card. Alternatively, a bar can operate on a tab basis if it wishes to do so.

Is there ever a dispute over the bill/amount poured?

  • Rarely, as the amount displayed on the table display screen will always match the amount displayed on the controller screen behind the bar.

Is there a limit as to how much can be dispensed at one sitting?

  • The system has a facility to set a limit on the table - in the form of pints, ounces or litres poured. This is adjustable based on the situation. You also have the facility to set limits in relation to the number of patrons at the table.

Can you set a time limit on the tables? I.e. close the table after say 3 hours.

  • No.

Who sets the pricing on the tables?

  • Product pricing is initially set by the Installing Technician. Post Install this can be set and changed by the Manager or bar owner.

What happens when customers want to leave the table for any reason?

  • The table can be paused for example if a customer wanted to go outside for a cigarette. When it's resumed it retains all the data.

Can a money amount be set on the table?

  • Yes. We can set up the system to work with either of 2 options initially. One option will allow values for open amounts. Example, $10.46 if necessary. The second option is to set up pre-determined amounts. For example, 1 pitcher worth, 2 pitchers worth, etc.

Supply Options

Can you have different table top designs/colours?

  • Yes. The standard specification is per our literature. However, we can supply different table tops, fonts, colours, etc. There may be a price change for “off - standard” designs.

Can we supply just the electronics?

  • Yes. We can tailor our supply to customers' requirements.

Does the system have to have the rotating fonts?

  • No. Rotating fonts are a unique feature we have but they are not essential.

Technical Questions - Beer

What size beer lines are used?

  • We use industry standard John Guest fittings so we can reduce/increase the lines to fit our equipment.

What temperature can the beer be dispensed at?

  • Dispense temperatures are as per your draught beer installation at the bar. You would need to refer to your draught beer technical provider to determine this.

How many litres per hour is the table capable of dispensing?

  • Dispense volumes are as per your draught beer installation at the bar. You would need to refer to your draught beer technical provider to determine this.

Technical Questions - Electronic

What is the range of the communication?

  • The system is hard wired so there are no real restrictions on the distance. It is a mixture of CAN Bus and RS485 Serial communications so distances over 100m can be a problem but bars typically do not reach these sizes.

Can someone interfere with the system by using for example a mobile phone?

  • No, the system uses hardwired communication.

How many tables can be managed by each controller?

  • At present one controller can manage 16 Tables.

Can the system be incorporated into an outlets epos (till) system?

  • Yes. We do not generally offer this as a standard element of the system due to the wide range of till systems in the market.
  • The system is pre-programmed to operate with the E Protocol, the TBT protocol or the Cascade Protocol. Please check with your POS provider for compatibility.

Are there different levels of access to the controller system?

  • There are three levels of access: Operator, manager and Technical - with varying levels of access to the system from within each category.

What happens if the power is cut to the tables and controller?

  • It can simply be re-powered. All data will be retained.

Installation Questions

In general, what is the best location for tables in an outlet?

  • The busiest or most prominent position in the bar.

Can the system be installed in any outlet?

  • Yes.

What are the restrictions?

  • Very few unless we are also providing the table furniture. Then consideration needs to be given to location, size, etc. Generally people supply their own tables and fonts so this is not a problem.

Is any construction work necessary to install units in an outlet?

  • Normal routing for the beer lines and drains. We also require an electrical outlet at each table location.

Should the system be switched off every night?

  • On the contrary. The unit - both the tables and the controller should be powered on at all times.


Is the system provided with a warranty?

  • The systems carry a 12 month warranty.
  • We also offer an extended warranty for a nominal fee.

What is the life expectancy of the units?

  • With proper care the units have a life expectancy of 7-10 years.


Who trains the staff?

  • Staff are normally trained by Neo Beverage Systems personnel.
  • In some cases we will “train the trainer.”

Who trains the Technicians?

  • Technicians are always trained by Neo Beverage Systems personnel.

Who shows the customer the best method to pour the beer?

  • This should be done by the bar staff - who will have been trained by Neo Beverage Systems personnel.

Who handles any problems in an outlet?

  • This varies in different territories depending on the local conditions/agreements.
  • Neo Beverage Systems always take care of software/electronics support issues and upgrades.

Sales and Marketing Issues

How does a beer company get pay back on its investment?

    • Brand awareness
    • Increased consumption
    • Promotional opportunities
    • Competitive edge

Is the system like a kegorator?

  • No, there is no control/monitoring/data storage/retrieval facility on a simple kegorator.

Is it not just a fancy beer vending machine?

  • No for the reasons above.

Can someone have an exclusive deal for the systems in a territory?

  • This depends on the quantities, length of term, commitments, etc.

Lead times?

  • Full system including furniture minimum 6 weeks ex. Works.
  • Electronics only can be ready in 2 - 3 weeks.

Additional Questions?

Sales & Marketing Gareth Nagle - +353 87 8563450
Technical & Development Philip Brady - +353 87 3642717
Finance & Admin Joseph Sheridan - +353 87 2582274