Bring a Unique Flare to Your Independent Project

Neo Beverage Systems supplies businesses of all sizes and varieties the opportunity to create a lasting impression for their valued guests. Whether you have a bar, restaurant, sports venue, casino or a tourism and hospitality venue, we deliver customizable, creative beverage dispensing solutions and brand projection ideas to help cultivate a one-of-a-kind experience.

From transforming underutilized spaces such as lobbies, elevators and private guest rooms into lively, VIP social settings that generate revenue and enhance guest experience to increasing prestige through the ability to offer expansive beverage options, Neo Beverage Systems has the power to breathe new life into your venue. Endless possibilities are available for businesses embarking on new construction — from designing never-before-attempted bar and tap configurations to working hand-in-hand with builders for an optimal installation and layout to drive profit revenues.

Our custom-tailored solutions are not only simple to install and implement, but they also put your business on the cutting edge with technology capable of revolutionizing operations. Neo Beverage Systems mobile and built-in beer walls and beer tables are available with state-of-the-art features that do everything from reduce wait times and increase profits to delivering insightful data reporting to streamline operating efficiency.

More Innovative Products From Neo Beverage Systems

Ultra Sonic Flow Meters

A flow monitoring system the average bar owner or restaurant can finally afford, the Neo Beverage 100 Series US meter utilizes ultrasonic technology that applies itself to virtually any system. Measure performance and optimize efficiency with a non-invasive flow meter that continually monitors beverage lines safely and reliably.

Fob Detectors

The FOB Detector helps eliminate waste by sensing when a keg is about to empty and shutting down and trapping the beer flow in line. The result is a system that gets rid of immoderate beer foam while maximizing the rate of pours per keg. Customers are pleased with a perfectly consistent glass of beer every time, while bar owners love the ability to save money by achieving more favorable cost-to-profit margins.