Maximize Effeciency with a Beverage Metering System

For bar owners that are thirsty for ways to innovate their business, an advanced beverage metering system provides a number of useful benefits. From monitoring flow, identifying factors contributing to inefficiency and optimizing systems for improved performance, our beverage metering system helps reduce losses attributed to wasteful conditions.

Originally devised for accurately assessing meter configuration testing during manufacturing, the 100 Series Ultra Sonic Flow Meter delivers a wealth of insightful data related to the functionality and application conditions of your operation.


View meter readings on a key-access secured device
Our network solution provides devices that can meter any number of lines at once and features IP addressing that makes it possible to install dedicated devices to multiple bars.
Operators can measure metering in ounces, liters or pints, reconcile POS reports by time stamping all pouring instances, and review customized data mining on our PC software suite.
An alarm system alerts in case of high or continuous flow
Our cutting-edge beverage metering system delivers real-time readings that supply bar managers with the tangible information they need to discover how waste is negatively impacting their profit margin.
Data supplied by our Ultra Sonic Flow Meters includes basics such as model type, meter serial number and battery and memory status to more advanced readings such as reverse flow total, peak flow rate, timestamp, and current timestamp value.

Deeper Insight Through Advanced Metering Systems

With detailed reports in hand that let you know exactly how your beverage system is performing at all times, you are alerted to problems as they emerge and can make the necessary adjustments to minimize loss. It provides meter readings in real-time and readings for the past 6 to 12 months for comparison purposes.

Metering Solutions For Bars Of All Sizes

Neo Beverage Systems provides solutions for the small business that only requires a few lines to a larger business requiring numerous lines that connect to separate locations. Take greater control over your beverage dispensing system by contacting us today to find the Ultra Sonic Flow Meter that’s right for you.