Enhance your business with endless benefits

It doesn’t matter if you’re a restaurant owner, bartender or customer. Nobody likes to stand around a crowded bar waiting 15 minutes for another beer. Instead of frustrating your customers, why not let them pour their beer themselves?

With a Neo Beverage System, customers can do just that. Get rid of lines, enhance your brand and save money. It’s a win-win for everyone!


At a typical bar, the chance of waste and giveaway for each keg is high because of crowds.

However, with a Neo Beverage System, customers must swipe their IDs that are linked to their account before pouring. This means you won’t be wasting a drop of beer that isn’t paid for and your business can save money in the long run.


We pride ourselves on being limitless—and bringing your bar the newest and best technology. Our touch screens bring you revenue and take your bar to the next level.


Your customers will also love the perks they’ll receive. Since they will no longer need to wait for service, you’ll naturally see an increase in beer sales. You’ll also be giving customers the excitement of choice —they can try different flavors before buying, and you can add more taps as your demand grows.


We pour every brand, and we really mean it. Whether you pride yourself on your hard liquor or your craft brews, we’ll pour it for you…. and save you a lot of money while we’re at it.

Coming Soon

  • 10” HD touch screens at the table/tap location
  • Outlet and Brand owner advertising possible
  • Full social media integration options
  • Static and animated advertising options
  • Full user activity database including brand use, user, outlet, timestamp and definable across multiple regions like local, city, county, state, country or defined stakeholder options like sales region, etc.