Give Your Establishment a State-of-the-Art Beer Table

Neo Beverage Systems supplies beer table solutions that help bars and hospitality providers of all kinds better serve their customers, in addition to improving their bottom line. If you're looking for a built-in beer table or mobile beer table with state-of-the-art function and efficiency and reliability, Neo Beverage Systems has the right products to accommodate your needs. Beer tables are a self-serve option that helps bars reduce waiting times and eliminate costly labor overhead.


The key reader on each tap will communicate with the customer's iButton (issued to them upon arrival), which is how they receive access and pay for their beer.
Tables feature a customizable number of pouring towers and taps to fit your establishment's specific needs.
Dual-side screens display purchasing and product information to guide customers through the process.
The thoughtful drip tray captures and securely stores spilled liquid for reduced waste and clean up.
Taps are connected directly to your cold box location for consistent quality, less fuss and easier service. Kegs are stored in a lockable door under the tap, where beer is refrigerated at the optimal temperature.
Our mobile beer tables sit on wheels for easy relocation. Both mobile and built-in tables have capacity for 2 full size, 50L kegs or 4 1/6-size kegs and can be configured for up to 4 taps.

Built-In Beer Tables

Whether you're building a new bar or reinventing your current space, a built-in beer table provides a myriad of solutions for maximizing profitability.

Built-in beer tables by Neo Beverage Systems help optimize your business by enabling you to automate your service and avoid making your customers stand in line at the bar. Operating on the innovative Texas Instruments © iButton technology platform, credentialed customers are given a self-serve option that helps bars reduce waiting times and eliminate costly labor overhead.

Mobile Beer Tables

For bars searching for strategies to better serve customers, a mobile beer table from Neo Beverage Systems is a forward-thinking solution.

When you buy a mobile beer table you get a self-contained cold storage and customer service system capable of ushering your bar into the modern age. The ultra modern design and pouring system features two-tap towers with dual-side consumer display screens, while the robust Texas Instruments © iButton system allows customers with authorized keys to serve themselves for a VIP experience.

Order Your Mobile & Built-In Beer Tables Today

If you're looking for mobile or built-in beer tables to create a unique customer experience, reinvent your bar space or maximize your business opportunities, contact Neo Beverage Systems today. We'll help assess your specific requirements and find the customizable solution perfectly suited to your needs.